Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saturday Shoot

Went out today and got TONS of cute stuff for our shoot Saturday!  Got a duck, huge plant pot and easter bunny, and wicker basket and lots of Easter grass and eggs!  And have some great ideas for their family pictures also!  So looking forward to this weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheyenne's Grad Announcements

A great part of having a photo editor is that I can do fun stuff like this!

Cheyenne Day 2

After Cheyenne warmed up over night from her river adventure, we went out again the next day to do some more.  We started out at an old railroad bridge first.

After the bridge, we headed to a park

Then out to a junk yard. (alot of these photos have a grungy look to them, but I really think it works with the concepts with the junk yard cars.)

(There was a bad shadow in the last one, but I still love the way the picture turned out)

Lastly we headed out to Cheyenne's family's old rodeo arena for some very cool pictures

I enjoyed doing pictures with Cheyenne so much!

Easter Pictures!

Just found out I'll be doing Easter pictures for some of our close friends this weekend!  And I can't wait! Hopefully I can do some of my family on Sunday too.  So hopefully I'll have new material up on Monday or so!  Wish me luck!

Cheyenne - Class of 2011

Recently I did senior pictures for my friend Cheyenne. They were taken at the beginning of March, and she wanted pictures in the river. She's braver than me!

There are alot more of the river shots, but these were just some of my favorites.  After she froze in the river, we decided to try some in the park.

(Excuse the massive amounts of clevage.  I didn't realize how bad it was until I was editing... OOPS!)

That ended day 1 of our pictures! Will get up more of her senior pictures after a bit!

Annabelle Day 2

Day one with Annabelle went awesome, so on day two, we decided to try a few other things and do some pictures with mommy too!

This first one isn't quite what I was hoping for, but I still really like it.

Now for some of the pictures with mommy!

This last one is definitly one of my favorites! Annabelle looks like she's telling her mom a VERY interesting story!  After this Annabelle fell asleep again so we dressed her up and got some in her blessing dress!

I think that the shoot with Annabelle and Cherity was definitly a success!

Monday, April 18, 2011


I recently did some pictures of my friend's daughter, and they were my first baby photos! I enjoyed doing them IMMENSLEY and would love to do more!

This first picture always makes me smile! She was definitly fun to work with, and behaved amazingly for a 4 month old baby!

Every girl needs pictures in a pink tutu! In these following pictures I tried to just let her play and catch moments where she gave me just the perfect look and we got some AMAZING shots!

After around an hour on day one she finally tuckered out in took a nap, that doesnt mean I didn't get any pictures!